Dixie Boosts Business

As Commercial Real Property Analyst for the Any Municipality County Assessor, Dixie Phair has had quite a full year learning the ropes and coping with a workload seemingly gone viral.

The increase in commercial appeals has been fueled by fluctuating property values combined with Appraisers (still smarting from a long recession) who have increasingly teamed up with Tax Reps. And while appraisal bias designed to engender fees has long been lamented, the fact remains: Assessors need reliable appraisers.

The appraisal community can be shown they have an untapped market in Assessors needing equitable, professional, yet affordable valuations. You just have to tell them, because it will be new to their business model.

How did Dixie handle this? First, she contacted Appeal Managers from surrounding areas, and found two Managers from two different jurisdictions that both had appraisal needs similar to hers (drugstores, hotels, and big box retail). She then planned out the logistics, took the initiative, and organized an attractive “book of work” to which she received bids from three reputable appraisal firms.

Dixie did not accept the old business model. She identified the need, organized the solution, and communicated it.