Aching for Help


I once asked a general practitioner MD for a referral regarding some lower back pain. Having received the name, I checked the referred physician’s website profile and found the primary practice interest: neurological issues affecting occupational ability with emphasis in carpal tunnel syndrome. So, while that referral was probably for a competent physician, given the specialty, maybe that particular doctor was not the best person to help my aching back.

Assessment Professionals seeking appraisal assistance should do a similar check, even if the name is provided via referral. Many appraisers specialize by property type, but also by service provision such as appraisal, consulting, testimony, etc.

While most State professional licensing sites are of little help, if the appraiser is professionally designated (often the best choice) you can learn a lot. To help select the appraiser best for you, the Appraisal Institute website maintains detailed member profiles searchable by area, proximity, service provision, and property type.

Are you aching for relevant valuation help? Make your own search for competence and relevance much more efficient before picking up the phone.