Dixie’s Knowledge Team


Dixie Phair, Any Municipality County’s Commercial Real Property Analyst, has a duty to know her local real property market. Keeping up with all sectors (including office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and general commercial) is more than a full time job. To manage this, she cultivates relationships with the most active people in these sectors to leverage her efforts.

The busiest brokers are almost always the most helpful to all, without regard to immediate possibility of commission. Their success is often due to a strict practice of following up on all inquiries, knowing future business can result from unexpected sources.

Getting her knowledge team in place is pretty straightforward. Here is how she approached it with Barry Broker, the most active office agent in her market. Dixie gave Barry a call, and after a quick exchange of pleasantries, here’s how the brief conversation went:

Dixie: “From time to time, I have general questions about the local market and would benefit from your knowledge. In return, I wonder if sales disclosures and permit data regarding your property sector would help you in your work. My thought would be to provide you this on a periodic, regular basis, saving you from digging through the publicly available data.”

Barry: “As it happens, I do try to access the courthouse records to research sales and sometimes permit data, but often forget or run out of time. I’d certainly appreciate any data you provide, and would be happy to answer general questions about my property sector on an occasional basis.”

Once Dixie makes the contact, she is sure to do her followup on a quarterly basis, which can be a huge help during a sticky appeal process.