Fall Off the Wagon


When comparing the new Explosion SUV to the more elegant but similarly sized Extravaganza, you start to appreciate the nuance of subtlety.

So much so that you end up buying a barebones compact devoid of rare earth and rare animal components, risking almost certain derision from upwardly aspiring neighbors.

But you don’t care, having now tasted true freedom from peer pressure and stuff acquisition syndrome (SAS).

Sober since the trip to the dealership, there will be no backpedaling to acquire more stuff. Until now! Having just seen a demo for IncomeWorks you realize the design is purely functional, really just a spare working tool. Since IncomeWorks is delivered fully loaded with local (and correct) data, output is precise and the performance… unmatched.

IncomeWorks simply provides accurate results, and automatically updates those results annually. Nothing else.

Sometimes it pays to fall off the wagon!