Fibber Optic


Or said another way: The viewpoint of one who doesn’t speak the truth.

Convenient Omission
“We bought it last year for $1 Million” while failing to mention it was just a building shell at the time.

Convenient Commission
“I reported the price less 6% commission, because that is what the seller received.”

Creative Characterization
“My building is replete with inefficiencies and obsolescence” even though it was built to exacting state-of-the-art standards 5 years ago.

Expedient Position
“I happen to know it was an out-of-town buyer who paid over market value because the taxes were a bargain in her experience.”

And the all time favorite… 

Admitted Altruism
“Candidly, I paid much more than market to help the seller out of a bad position.”

Their facts are anecdotal, always.