Err Quality


The stunning photo above was taken on a day of very good air quality in the Mount Rainier area. But the subject of this post is actually about err quality, which can be indexed relative to appeal hearing testimony. Following the actual air quality index ranges “good/moderate” is applicable to this discussion. For the opposite end of the range, I’ll use “poor” below instead of “hazardous”.


  • I must have been in too much of a hurry to notice the omission of a zero.

  • Yes, the rents from this data source are characterized as “inferred”.

  • Yes, the cap rates from this data source are characterized as “implied”.

  • No, I can’t offer a specific source for my expense ratio estimate.

  • Well, at least I learned something from this.


  • Based on my significant experience these data are not deceiving. Trust me.

  • After elimination of 14 outliers out of the sample of 27, consistency is obvious.

  • Regardless of being a slightly different property type, these sales are compelling.

  • While executed about a decade ago, these lease transactions are highly relevant once they are adjusted for time, property type, and region.

  • Your relentless questioning is taking valuable hearing time!

Make sure to keep the err filters fresh.