Pickup Ruck


The title of this post does not have a typo. The word “ruck” has several meanings, most having to do with typical gatherings of people or things. In rugby, it refers to a scramble for the ball on the ground. In the assessment world, it accurately describes the last minute hustle to find supportive data for an appeal hearing.

Before you head into the hearing, pick up the phone. Call the two brokers in your market; the two most active brokers in the type of property under appeal. 

For this example, we’ll assume an office property is under appeal. Here are helpful questions to ask the brokers:

Are there any recent sales, or pending sales, you are able to disclose?

Are there any recent leases, or pending leases, you can relate?

Have typical office expenses recently increased or decreased?

Has anything happened recently in the local market (or nationally) to impact supply and demand? 

Chances are you’ve already done your homework well, but it never hurts to demonstrate the most up-to-date market knowledge. This may elevate you from the ruck.