Dixie Shares Confidence


Dixie Phair knows that few enjoy confrontation or disagreement, and most will strive to avoid it. But in her capacity as Commercial Real Property Analyst for Any Municipality County for almost five years, she also has learned that disagreements must be squarely addressed in the interest of equity.

She recognized early in her position that repeated appeal hearing attendance increased her confidence, allowing her to focus calmly on the facts instead of on the possible discord. For this reason she makes it a practice to select a commercial staff member to accompany her in hearings to observe and similarly bolster their comfort level. 

Since Dixie always prepares an outline of the County’s position (formatted in bullet points for presentation to both the Appellant and the Hearing Officer), she is sure to review the outline with her staff. Like a tutor, she makes time to work individually with the staff member accompanying her to the appeal, to ensure he or she understands it and works through the math behind it.

After a few hearings, she then tasks the staff member with preparing the outlines. At this point, most of her students start to lose their reticence and begin to take on at least some role in the proceedings.

Dixie’s commercial staff is learning an important lesson… the appellant can be right as well as wrong; the speed of figuring that out corresponds to each Assessment Professional’s experience and comfort level with the process.