The Wedding of Logistics & Retail


No need to save the date… the wedding has already happened! The marriage of warehousing/transport and retail bricks/mortar is well underway, and it’s fascinating to watch.

Retail sales floor area and stockroom space are being fluidly transformed on a trial basis to achieve the ideal proportion of display, ordering, storage, and pick-up capability. You will notice this almost monthly at your favorite retailer.

Inventory and tracking software improvements within the past 2 years are revolutionizing timely delivery from: a) manufacturer to store, and/or b) manufacturer to customer. One or two day delivery is now common.

These changes effectively allow retail store stockroom space to migrate backward through the delivery chain: from the last mile delivery van, back to the long haul eighteen wheeler, and further on back to the container ships and warehouses in between. This is truly transformative. 

The marriage of warehousing/transport and retail bricks/mortar will likely reduce the overall retail footprint, but here’s what is definitely happening: customers will get more choice, better service, and increased convenience from the happy event.