Committees & Common Sense


The perceived need was a formalized procedure for identifying the best available course of action after hearing all viewpoints.

The Executive assigned it to the 1st Executive Assistant, who immediately formed a committee comprised of the 2nd and 3rd Executive Assistants, along with the 1st Deputy Executive Assistant. The committee’s purpose was to come up with recommendation on how to create the formalized procedure.  

The initial committee meeting was rescheduled from original date twice to accommodate the schedule of the 2nd Deputy Executive Assistant, who was reluctantly filling in for the boss, now on leave. When the meeting finally happened, no recommendation was forthcoming due to the group not having a formal structural path to action after hearing all viewpoints.

Irritated, the Executive soon retired, to be replaced by the 1st Deputy Executive Assistant, now back at work. Having been passed over, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Executive Assistants retired. The replacement selection was said to be an error, but there was no formal procedure to determine if this was true.

You don’t need a committee to tell you when something is not right.