Does Dixie Give Up?


Has Dixie Phair had enough? As Commercial Real Property Analyst for the Any Municipality County Assessor, is she giving in? No! But she’s tackling a particularly contentious appeal and knows it’s going to be a tough climb. 

Some hearings are more difficult than others. Today’s appeal started a while back with the Appellant hiring a certain attorney with a certain reputation. Disregard the fact he or she may know nothing to donut holes about real estate or the mass appraisal process... the person is an attorney! Steeped in the art of bait and switch combined with shell game tactics, these masters of obfuscation will simply prevail, meaning Dixie will lose. That loss will be excruciatingly public, rendering her a mockery among her peers. Should she cave in now, before the hearing? Preserve a little dignity? Nope!

Dixie takes a breath and reviews her notes. She is very familiar with the physical elements of the property under appeal from diligent research, which included her own inspection of the building, inside and out. She knows the building height, zoning, size, curb cuts, deed restrictions, and other pertinent facts. Dixie is also well acquainted with the neighboring properties.

Her valuation math is simple and devoid of bias. She confirmed the local market facts including sales, contract rents, market rents, and lease practices from personal inquiry. 

Dixie’s oral and written presentation is brief, outlining no more than three major points that can be readily grasped and later referenced by the hearing officer. Additional information is available, but Dixie knows it may not get considered under heavy caseload conditions, so she’s careful to select only the three most important points.

Whatever the outcome, Dixie knows her effort defines dignity.