Mattress Stores Everywhere


Why do we see mattress stores everywhere now? The profit margin for mattresses is very high. Their production cost is only about 10% of their eventual sale price. Store staff requirements are minimal compared to other similarly sized retail stores, with three onsite employees often sufficient.

The physical stores are their own advertisement. Theses stores are brightly lit with wide windows that clearly show their product. Interior partitions are minimal so as not to impede the public’s perception that selection can be quickly made from a wide array of mattresses. 

Since mattresses are typically replaced every ten years or so, people feel the need to test the product physically before they buy. This makes pulling into a very convenient, visible location an easy choice rather than purchasing online or over the phone.

Years of pent up demand from recessionary pressures (little cash for extras and severely limited household formation) unleashed mattress store development everywhere. But current customer demand won’t likely be sustained. 

Oversupply is just around the corner. For the Assessment Professional, this will soon mean added retail vacancy in the local market.