IAAO’s Improved Open Forum


The International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) is a nonprofit association. Founded in 1934, it is comprised of government assessment officials and others interested in the administration of the property tax. According to their website, the IAAO now has a membership of more than 7,000 members worldwide from governmental, business, and academic communities. 

The IAAO is open to “any professional who aspires to advance their career in appraising, mapping, property assessment and property tax policy at any level - in government or in the private sector” and there are a number of reasons why membership is a good idea. The recent improvement of their online open discussion forum has to be one of them. 

The forum is called IAAO Connect, and some reformatting seems to have enhanced participation and therefore usefulness. The inquiries and responses cover the gamut of assessment topics from professional development to daily assessment procedures; many discussions are relevant to those new to the industry.

What’s great to see are the helpful responses from highly experienced and well known Appraisers and Assessors across the Country: their participation enhances the knowledge base. 

Fragmentation of jurisdictions can feel isolating and this is a great way to leverage the experience of others to develop your practices. Check out the IAAO: https://www.iaao.org/wcm