Pharmacy or Fantasy


She distinctly heard a quack. Was it at the drugstore, or was it at her doctor’s office? 

It’s now impossible to know after following the prescribed regimen for so long without a glimpse of the intended goal.

All contraindications were read to warn of ill side effects; dosage instructions were followed responsibly. The last stage involved sufficient time spent suffering to achieve the desired result. She may have smugly told others of her courageous battle for success.

Except success hasn’t yet arrived. 

Persistently elusive, it was time to decide whether (or not) to maintain this regimen in pursuit of the goal…

Was failure caused by her selection of the (less expensive) store brand solution over the  proven product? Even so, it’s not like the monthly charges have been cheap on the budget.

But to abandon the considerable investment made to date?

Get another opinion, and then go with the proven product. It is the one with the research behind it. 

Whatever your goal is, actual achievement justifies any extra investment.