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Multifamily Non-Rented Space

An Assessment Professional recently posed a question on this topic: When is lost income from non-rented apartment units a valid charge as an expense, and when is it not? The answer is usually related to scale. Emerging virtual model displays … Continue reading

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On the Rise: Daycare Sale Prices

So what the heck is happening in the daycare industry, with sale prices sometimes far exceeding cost to replace? This question is vexing many folks who work with commercial real estate. It’s a good question to ask. Sales of daycare … Continue reading

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Location, Location, In What Order?

Unless you are driven by necessity to only consider price, why do you pick one hotel over others in the same market? Location is usually the first reason on the list. You book a hotel because you don’t live there, … Continue reading

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Dixie’s Laundry List

Following is a laundry list of valuation complications presented to Dixie Phair by some Any Municipality County officials. They compiled the list after hearing about appeals in other districts, and wanted to know Dixie’s plans for tackling: functional obsolescence underlying … Continue reading

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When 1 + 1 < 2

The term plottage refers to the incremental value above the sum of individual values of parcels brought about by their combination. Can combining parcels ever reduce value? As always, the answer is found in the principles of Highest and Best … Continue reading

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A Couple of Comps and You’re…

A couple of comps and you’re golden. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? I mean, how difficult can the commercial real estate assessment process be if all that’s required is to track down a few comps that are similar to the … Continue reading

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Please Take This Personally

As a commercial real estate broker in the year 2000, I was involved in the sale of a 400,000+ SF midwestern warehouse. At that time, and in that local market, good quality warehouses of over 20’ clear height were selling … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Ire

The guy across the hearing table appears increasingly agitated about his assessed value. Or maybe this occurrence is simply what is expected, thus perceived? Perhaps that is for the best because it cues your instincts, as an Assessment Professional, to … Continue reading

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Eagle Eyes, Owl Ears

The (daylight active) eagle famously has extraordinary eyesight, with four times the sharpness of humans and ability to dual focus frontally and to the sides, as well as excellent hearing. The (nighttime active) owl has such great hearing it locates … Continue reading

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Real Thing or Just Her Perfume?

Much is now hyped in the real estate press about the renewed life of retail bricks and mortar. In-store sales are enhanced by such ethereal concepts as “experiential retailing” offering a sense of community and collaboration, all branded (and personally … Continue reading

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