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Retail Trends & Valuation, Part 1 of 2

Two Recent Trends 1) Multi-channeling: the concept of selling products and services through numerous methods of customer contact and experience. The old way of advertising to get the customer in the store will be improved and expanded, most notably by … Continue reading

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If a Tree Falls in the Market…

“Not much happens around here.” “It’s been this way for as long as memory serves.” “This just isn’t a place where things change much.” Well, things don’t change much for sure, if you aren’t looking and listening. For many, it … Continue reading

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Dixie & Property Interests

After a few months as Commercial Real Property Analyst with Any Municipality County, Dixie Phair realized that much of the distance between Assessor and Appellant values was due to failure to follow proper appraisal practices. Often, it was a case … Continue reading

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BLT with a Side of Confusion

A couple of market-savvy Assessors asked a good question the other day that bears repeating regarding BLT (Business Enterprise Value, Leased Fee Interest, Trusts). Essentially, the question was whether acquisitions of real estate by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) should … Continue reading

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Research like a Cat

I have an office cat that is about 20 years old.  His longevity is no doubt in part aided by his penchant for thorough research.  When he jumps from one surface to another it is the result of carefully checking … Continue reading

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