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Recap: Cap Rate

An Assessor asked a good question a few days ago. She noticed that the overall capitalization rates in IncomeWorks® (and indeed, in the local market) vary by property type, size, and quality. She asked: “What causes the cap rate to … Continue reading

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Dixie Fights Back with Facts

It was sheer frustration that caused Dixie to hop back in her car, only an hour after arriving at work! Dixie spent most of last month trying to defend existing assessments on a number of big box retail properties under … Continue reading

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Made in (your town) U.S.A?

Does your industrial market seem to be changing? Some stuff to consider as you wonder why: PORTS: The doubling of capacity through the Panama Canal won’t be complete until 2015, but this has already caused large infrastructure investments in U.S. … Continue reading

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Retail Trends & Valuation, Part 2 of 2

Recall the Recent Trends and Pending Impact Two emerging retail trends… 1) Multi-channeling, or the concept of selling products and services via mobile apps in/out of the store, social media influence, in-store kiosks, roving product coaches, and vending operations, and … Continue reading

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