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Legal Eagle Earns His Bacon

Dixie tensed just a bit when she recognized that Legal Eagle Esq. was calling. She knew him to be respectful, knowledgeable, and articulate in presentations on behalf of his clients, but… well… who likes the possibility of confrontation as a regular … Continue reading

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Contingent Fee Rant

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me that thinks contingent fee incentives have no place anywhere NEAR public funding. Consider… Legislation allowing or simply not disallowing contingent fees in property tax appeals won’t likely be changed by those who have … Continue reading

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Unlock the Mystery of New Section 42s

Legislative mandate for the assessment of LIHTC properties (Low Income Housing Tax Credit or Section 42s) varies from state to state, but often prevents inclusion of the tax credits in valuation.  This mandate, of course, strips significant value from the … Continue reading

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Organize Your Market!

Since we research local markets around the U.S. for assessment jurisdictions, I can offer some useful tips on commercial, industrial, and multifamily (CIM) market organization. We keep our patented IncomeWorks® model organized via a two step process: first we design … Continue reading

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