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The Hobby Apartment

The property is a 12 unit, 3 story over garage level, brick and steel luxury apartment building built in 1990. It is located in a very upscale suburb of a major metro in the Midwest, within an easy walk to … Continue reading

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Retail or Office?

That multiple tenant building with several suites facing a common parking area along the street frontage can be all retail, entirely office, or a combination of Retail/Service/Office. An individual property’s Highest and Best Use is a reliable indicator; this can primarily … Continue reading

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Peer Group Determines Property Rating

No… not that group of NFL fans gobbling potato skins in your basement on Sunday… a retail property’s peer group, meaning competition in this context: same property type similar general size same tenancy (single tenant or multiple tenant) The above … Continue reading

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Dixie Follows Her Mandate

Local (first time) developer Buck Bildur appealed his office property, which he contended suffered permanent 50% obsolescence. Dixie Phair reviewed the unfortunate facts on behalf of Any Municipal County: Property: Speculative, multiple tenant office, two story, built 2008 in an … Continue reading

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