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Dixie Boosts Business

As Commercial Real Property Analyst for the Any Municipality County Assessor, Dixie Phair has had quite a full year learning the ropes and coping with a workload seemingly gone viral. The increase in commercial appeals has been fueled by fluctuating … Continue reading

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Contract Occupancy = Volatility?

Everybody knows housing is in short supply in oil and gas fracking regions such as western North Dakota. What isn’t as apparent, is the potential for risk in seemingly high demand areas. For example, in 2013, two adjoining multifamily properties, … Continue reading

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Stabilization Gone Too Far

Appraisers talk about the need to stabilize income and expenses for good reason; it is a necessary process to snapshot normal property operations in the current market. Analysis on a stabilized basis can eliminate skewing of income approach results from … Continue reading

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Broker Networking

Commercial real estate brokers constantly talk to each other and trade listing information. This networking is done informally, and formally through multiple listing associations and closed coalitions of select participants. Brokers have a vested interest in being knowledgable in the … Continue reading

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