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Eratosthenes was a Greek astronomer, mathematician, geographer, and more, who pretty accurately calculated the shape and size of the earth in 240 BC using his mathematical formula: the length of a shadow on summer solstice compared to the distance between … Continue reading

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Malls of Extinction

A car drove up, ejected four raucous preteens, then drove off for the day. The venue was the local regional mall, built in the 1960s and renovated in the early 1990s. The four preteens joined others of identical dress, phones … Continue reading

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Innovation We Can Use!

You’ve endured countless commentaries on the scads of entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, hoodie-clad companies operating amid foosball, rock climbing walls, and beanbag chairs. Innovating is starting to look the same, you say. But many of those young innovators employ a communication … Continue reading

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