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Clarity from Simplicity

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed a profound principle. A common opinion was not articulated in Bush v. Gore (the 2000 Presidential election result in Florida). Instead, individual and complicated dissents were written, which caused widespread confusion. The vote … Continue reading

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$elf $torage!

Self Storage is an emerged property sector, and a money maker! A previous post from February 2013 Self Storage: Opportunity for the little guy pointed out that these properties do well in economic expansions and also in recessions. Some 10% … Continue reading

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Hotel Decoupling

The common practice of hoteliers running on the same track with a specific brand has changed. The switch has been thrown! What’s happening in the lodging industry? Hotel brands and management/ownership are decoupling. Hotel operators, formerly staunchly unswerving to their … Continue reading

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