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Dixie & Assisted Living

Valuation of an Independent Living or Assisted Living facility is as complicated for Dixie Phair as it is for the rest of us. Income (and offsetting expense) from ancillary and personal services like craft classes, meals, and more, are not … Continue reading

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Big Data, Big Deal?

Soon, it is said, big data will perform the numerous medical, financial, and real estate advisory functions better than existent providers. That data collection will be really huge and completely pervasive; details will be collected and organized into informative output … Continue reading

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Contract to Market, Part 2

In the post Contract to Market Part 1, we concluded that researching and listing all applicable expenses accruing to both ownership (Lessor) and tenant (Lessee) makes it much easier to adjust the calculations used for direct capitalization. First, before capitalization … Continue reading

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