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Revolving Rents

Retail rents mostly inch up slowly, don’t they? So, should you just plug current rents into your model and coast for a few years by indexing them up every so often? No! And here’s the reason why: Correct analysis & … Continue reading

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Dixie & Her Uncle’s Appeal

Dixie Phair, Commercial Real Property Analyst for Any Municipality County, would definitely have recused herself, but the only other staff member with commercial experience is on extended leave. So, a somewhat close family member (Jack Phair, Dixie’s uncle) is across … Continue reading

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Buyer + Seller = Market

Buyer & Seller… sounds like oil & water, right? But they coexist, as naturally as the seemingly opposite cactus spines & flowers. Real property is always transacted at the right price for the buyer and the seller. The price is … Continue reading

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