Basic Steps: How does it work?

The innovative IncomeWorks program offers the user an accurate Income Approach to use in the evaluation of income-producing commercial real estate. IncomeWorks is released to our clients FULLY LOADED with LOCAL MARKET SPECIFIC DATA. IncomeWorks is intuitive with an easy fill-in-the-blanks format, described below.

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Overview of the basic steps in the IncomeWorks model:


Select and Rank Your Property

  • Select your property from a wide list of property types tailored to your area.
  • Rank the neighborhood, desirability, condition, etc. using supplied parameters.
  • User inputs are scored and applied to the program.
  • User ranking ultimately determines the market data range specific to the subject.


Calculation Steps

  • Range of local market specific rental rates, vacancy rates, expense ratios, and overall capitalization rates for each property type automatically suggested.
  • The data are provided on a gross or net basis as appropriate.
  • Suggested data can be customized using provided ranges as a guide.
  • Supplied market data ranges can be used to crosscheck information from owners.


Work with the Final Results

  • Check the IncomeWorks results against any other value (cost, leased fee, owner's estimate, sales, assessment, etc.).
  • Do a multiyear analysis using the IncomeWorks unique autofilled DCF.
  • Save, Sort, Search, View, Print final reports and accompanying supporting data.
  • Allocate for personal property (in select property groups, as appropriate).
  • Take property specific obsolescence tests.
  • Work with several years of data to evaluate a property as-of whatever year you order.

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