IncomeWorks for Lenders & Underwriters

commercial real estate collateral evaluation in
, instead of days or weeks

We offer Lenders support . . .

. . . and verification of in-house evaluations, such as cost-based values.
. . . order IncomeWorks for regions, districts, or any delineated area.
. . . with a program that lenders or their local appraisers can use.

IncomeWorks is offered in a format exclusively for Lenders.

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Commercial real estate collateral evaluation in minutes, instead of days or weeks.


Log on to IncomeWorks for Lenders. Enter property locational and other characteristics. Combine your expertise with the professionally analyzed local market data from IncomeWorks. The results will be based on logic, local trends, and sound real estate principles.

IncomeWorks was created by career professional income property appraisers (MAIs). This intuitive product for evaluation of commercial / industrial real estate (including apartments) has been tested, sold, and proven in its accuracy.


Borrower Smith wants to fund an investment. He needs a fast response from a competitively priced lender. Mr. Smith has an office building that is under-leveraged, and wants to use it as collateral. His timing window to enter the investment is measured in days.


Lender National wants Smith's business and this financing will allow in-house evaluation of collateral. Lender National's Relationship Advisor makes the loan after evaluating Smith's office property via IncomeWorks for Lenders. The collateral evaluation took 5 minutes, with the range of local indicators offering more than sufficient confidence.

What if Smith's building is out of state? The solution is the same. The evaluation still took only 5 minutes... it was just done by another representative from Lender National, who happens to be located in the same city as Smith's building. Same speed, same low cost, it just took an extra phone call.

FOCUS of IncomeWorks for Lenders:

  • It can only benefit and enhance the commercial real estate deal.
  • It is simply too quick and affordable to ignore.

We provide the vehicle to quickly and reasonably evaluate the collateral based on local trends; pricing, on a per-evaluation basis, is lower than a residential appraisal. IncomeWorks for Lenders is not designed to take the place of an appraisal by a qualified professional appraiser. It is designed to offer direction and confidence specifically for those commercial lending transactions that underwriting requirements allow; quickly and affordably augmenting the decision making process to better serve the borrower.

INTEGRATION: While our web based application is the most innovative and most convenient out there for commercial evaluation... we can further streamline the process by integrating IncomeWorks for Lenders into existing underwriting programs with our Import/Export feature. Please contact us for discussion of such integration and the related additional cost savings it would afford your clients and the underwriting process.